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There is nothing like the anticipation of a new season. I know that I am tired of the cold weather, tired of my over worn sweaters, and am looking forward to embracing all the joys that come with Spring. I love the warm weather, I love pulling my sun dresses from the back of my closet, showing off a pedicure in sandals, and throwing on my favorite pair of sunnies for an easy outfit. Sunglasses are without a doubt my favorite accessory and I never leave home without at least two pairs in my purse.

That is why I was thrilled when Warby Parker asked me to help them debut their newest collection of sunglasses. The Spectrum Sun collection is exactly what I look for in a pair of sunglasses- high quality frames in fun and flattering colors. 

I have been swooning over Warby Parker sunglasses from the moment I first tried them on. During a summer vacation to the Hamptons with my family, we found a small boutique that carried vintage purses, unique jewelry, and Warby Parker glasses and sunglasses. It was there that I first learned about Warby Parker, their story, and their mission. Warby Parker not only makes stylish glasses and sunglasses, but recognizes that high-quality specks and shades  can be expensive. The clever folks over at Warby Parker have a way to cut out the expenses that drive up other brand's prices, leaving you with the same high-quality, totally stylish lenses at the best price. Not only does WP sell them at a great price, but for every pair of glasses purchased, Warby Parker distributes a pair of glasses to someone who can't afford them. As of this year, half a million glasses have been given to those in need.

So if the styles below aren't enough to make you pull out your credit card and order your favorite pair, the fact that when you buy a pair someone else is receiving one should be the added incentive to seal the deal.

Hall in Cherry Blossom - one of my favorites!

Minnie in Striped Sassafras - one of my favorites!

Piper in Revolver Black - one of my favorites!

Check out the Warby Parker website to see the entire collection and all the colors. The hardest part for me now is deciding which frames to order! I haven't bought a new pair of sunglasses in a few months so I know it is time for a new pair to help usher in Spring!

I might just have to try a few (5) pairs on!

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  1. I'll take a Minnie in striped sassafras please! You get to choose who the other pair goes to right;) just keeeeding but wooo go WP!


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