Outfit Envy

Every semester I tell myself that I am going to wake up early and get ready for class, at least try to look presentable for my professors and my peers. Especially if my future husband happens to be in one of my classes or walking around the shelves of books in the library waiting for me? Well almost everyday, I fail. I sleep in, or I wake up early and then spend my morning watching Kathie Lee and Hoda and then I have to throw of my fleece and tennis shoes to run to class. Once again, I look like a slob. This blog has motivated me to dress up a little, just in case someone randomly snaps a picture of me and I decide to post it. Okay so maybe that will never happen. 

But here is a girl, who someone manages to look like a total rock star and diva, every single day, even when she is just going to class. 

Hello, kicking myself for not buying that sweater when I tried it on last fall at Nordstroms.

Every single person has all of these pieces in their closet. Comfy jeans...check! White tee...check! Spring scarf...check! Brown belt...check! Blazer...check! 

I tried to recreate this denim-on-denim look this weekend. Unfortunately mine included a denim dress and a Salvation Army denim jacket, turned vest c/o my safety scissors, lined with lace. Hope you just got a GREAT visual of my own version of the Canadian Tuxedo. Trust me, it was not sassy or chic.

Check out Sydney's sassy blog and follow the adventures of her and her sweet husband. I'm talking like I know these people, I don't. Just a loyal blog follower and trust me after one look, you will be too!

Until next time. 
Closet copy-cat.

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