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I am deeply sorry for the absence of posts in these last couple of days. The flu bug has taken over my life, which means I have been spending a lot of time on my couch at home. This seems like it would be the perfect time to catch up on all my blogging, except that my laptop was completely dead and useless without my charger. Luckily in this day of technology I am able to do most of my web surfing on my phone, and thanks to Fashionologie I have been able to stay updated on New York Fashion Week.

Nanette Lepore Fall 2011

Tracy Reese Fall 2011
Derek Lam Fall 2011
Other than Fashion Week, I am really loving this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen, who is looking so normal and healthy. Takes me back to Passport to Paris.

photo courtesy of Inside the Loop
Without a computer and only SoapNet to keep me company these last couple of days, I find myself checking twitter approximately every 17 minutes. Luckily KatespadeNY tweets about once every 17 minutes and posts the greatest pictures.

Springtime goodness at Inside the Loop
Everything blue
Mexican Tuxedo done right

Until next time.
Couch Potato.

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