Ombre Nails

There are so many great things about going and getting your hair done, especially when you are long overdue. Yesterday I got to visit my favorite hair dresser and spend a few hours catching up on life, but mostly celebrity gossip. "Did you see Kim Kardashian's engagement ring!?!?" "What did you think about Miranda Lambert's wedding cake?" And then of course we have to pull out all the tabloids and scan the pages together, it's a guilty pleasure.

While under the dryer I was reading a mag and came across a new nail trend that I am super stoked about. I was never a big fan of the ombre hair trend, but what about ombre nails. Yes please.

LC started the trend but I am following in the footsteps of my second favorite Laguna Beach star (I was a big Lo fan). A different color on each nail might seem a little juvenile but the key is to keep all the colors within the same family.

I chose all Essie colors with Russian Roulette on my thumb and then Rose Bowl, Peach Daiquiri, Tart Deco, and finally Shop til I Drop on my pinky. 

So ombre nails, are you a fan? I am.

Until next time.
3 day weekend.

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