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There are too many things this week that I love so I decided to forgo my usual "Things I Love" thursday and go with a fashion post.
But I will quickly tell you about the things I love this week
1. My mom coming to take me to dinner because she knew I was having a bad week
2. My mom buying me a new "Love" pillow for my bed
3. My mom bringing me a feather bed for my bed. Ultimate comfy zone now.
4. My mom helping me rearrange my room so it looks so much better.
5. My mom.

I have also been loving this outfit recently and have kept it on my desktop for a while to pull inspiration.

Get the look...

Start with the basics, and I use the term basics loosely because not many would consider hot pink skinny jeans a basic, but you get the point.
Skinny Jeans by Current/Elliot
Tee by Madewell

Sandals by DV Dolce Vita
Blazer by Maje (It's on sale!!)
All Jewelry by Topshop (I LOVE the fabric bracelets)
Aviators by Urban Outfitters

Until next time.
Love & Outfit envy.

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