The Real OC

When I first ran across this tutorial from The Beauty Department I knew I had to do it. I don't have a lot of inhibitions when it comes to my hair, dye it brown in my dorm room? Chop off 11 inches? Why not? But I think that this was my most daring and colorful hair adventure.

Lauren Conrad, or as me and her other closest friends refer to as LC, was the inspiration for this hair dare as she had it temporarily done a few months back. Luckily my hair had grown out so much over the summer that I was practically at the same length and color as LC. She might have had a professional do her hair but I had a best friend and that's so much better.

In the process. I am so sad that I have to post a picture in my 1980's style mauve bathroom. The lone room in my parents house that has yet to be redone.

I love the hot pink and blue that look so great separated or blended together to form a purple.
Did I mention that the pink glows under a black light?

Just lounging around, posing like LC to show off my new locks. I am sad to say that they are strictly temporary. I have a hair appointment in one short week to get this long hair cut off and all the color will go too. I just wish that I had a fun black-light party that I could go to with this hair!

Until next time. 
Curl up and dye.

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