Things I Love

I feel like Things I Love Thursday's have just become Tumblr Thrusdays because it always ends up being a mass amount of pictures that I have collected on my desktop that I have been obsessing over for the past week, or five weeks.

No explanation necessary. 

This outfit. 
This girl. Anh.
Her blog. 9 to 5 Chic.
That cape. 

I love this hair. And if you run into me today there is a good chance that I have attempted it. 
How-to here: Refinery 29

Nude and Navy.
Loving this collage of wonderful chicness by Could I Have That

It's just that time of the year when this is necessary every day of the week.
I am loving the salted caramel americano.
It's under $3 and americano's only have 15 calories regularly so I feel like adding the salted caramel can't make it too bad.

This room.
I love Dilly Dallas.

Until next time.
I love fall. And bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils.

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