For the Lovers

"No way November will see our goodbyes, when it comes to December it's obvious why... no one wants to be alone at Christmas time."- John Mayer

Who do you take your relationship advice from? I obviously cling to the words of Mr. Mayer along with my favorite romantic comedies, like Sleepless in Seattle which I watched Wednesday night. I fell asleep right before the end of the movie so now I have no idea what to do after I get to the top of the Empire State Building... 

I could sit here and hash out all the tips and tricks I have gathered about love, and even share some great and disastrous stories of my own adventures in life, love, and other mysteries. You might get a few laughs, I might even bring one glistening tear to one's eye, but undoubtably I would bore the majority of you, mostly because all my tips came from Seventeen magazine and they are the same ones you clipped out and taped on your mirror in 6th grade. 

"Don't ever text or call a boy first!" Because that never happens. Girls can make up the greatest excuse of why we should text a guy first. 
"Practice kissing on your hand" Who did this? We are no longer friends. 

Those are my two tips/criticisms of the Seventeen "How to Land that Perfect Guy-- who you are completely embarrassed to admit loving now that you are no longer a teenager and he still spikes his hair and wears Jenko Jeans." 

I am no Carrie Bradshaw, I am no marriage counselor, but I really like these articles on relationships. Neither of these are sappy stories, trust me I would warn you if they were. Just two takes on love and how it finds us and how to make it work.

When Words Don't Fit- A story about boys who write poems

How To Land a Guy in 10 Days- some really "practical" tips that will make you laugh out loud. These girls are funny and definitely a blog that I will be adding to my blog read.

Until next time. 
Catching up on Seventeen's "Catch Your Crush Calendar"

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