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I think one of the hardest things is visiting somewhere new, falling in love with that place and its people, and then having to come back to real life with work and school and alarm clocks.
This is how I feel right now and especially how I felt when my alarm went off at 7:00 this morning (which is 6:00 mountain time.)

I spent this past weekend in Boulder with my oldest friends and spent the entire plane ride home discussing how much fun we had and how we never wanted to leave. The only thing I was willing to leave behind was the cold temperatures that seem to never phase the locals who love to walk everywhere. 

We spent the majority of the weekend sampling the great cuisine of Colorado and it has left me craving all the foods we tried. Mediterranean food at the Med, the most intense brunch at The Buff, some of the best sandwiches, and girl scout cookies that were bought on a whim and provided us with hours of memories of our own days as Girl Scouts. It sounds like a lot of food, but don't worry, we worked it all off walking around Pearl Street, dancing at night, and a little game called Broomball.

The Pearl Street Mall was the perfect way to spend our last afternoon. Full of some of my favorite shops, new and old, and a few street performers I will not miss. 
One of these new favorite stores was Goldmine Vintage, where I started off the day in true fashion by shattering a pair of sunglasses as I walked in. Luckily the store employees didn't make me buy them but I definitely felt obligated to spend some money there after that embarrassment. The store is a mix of old and new and if I ever found a need for a tea-length mint green sequined dress I would fly back out just to purchase the one I saw there.
Speaking of mint green- the Boulder fire hydrants are one of my favorite things I saw all weekend. Major color crush and they are on every street corner. Slightly swooning. 

I was slightly confused this morning when I didn't wake up with the mountains outside my window.

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