Pom Flair

When it comes to shopping and I am lucky enough to be with my sisters, I always need their opinion before I buy something.
Sometimes I just let them pick things out for me and buy them without any hesitation.
I have decided that I will probably let them pick out my wedding dress someday.
All this being said, when my little sister text me and told me to buy this pom flair, I just got online and did it. She knew that this etsy creation would look perfect above my desk, and she knows best.

The colors are perfect and I love the playfulness of the pom poms. 
And with the added pom flair (and a couple of polka dot, confetti pencils from Anthropologie), my room is officially completed! 
Now if only I could keep it clean and uncluttered...

Friday flair.

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  1. Your desk looks adorable! Great suggestion Annie!


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