February Birchbox time!
It was a fun day on twitter to hear and see what other people had received in their own Birchboxes. How my sister ended up with scented nail polish remover and I didn't is unknown to me, but you better believe that I will be putting in a request to Birchbox for some of that next month.

Things I was lucky enough to receive this month...
*beautyblender- a sponge that is supposed to help your foundation look airbrushed.
(this product could be life-changing)

*dermalogica  Daily Microfoliant- an exfoliating powder that buffs away dead skin cells.
I tried using a personalized dermalogica regime about 2 years ago and didn't love it, but I am always willing to give something a second chance.

*EYE ROCK- 4 different styles of stick-on eye liner strips! 
Now I just have to wait around for the perfect time to bust out "the perfect cat eye". This might be what I am most excited for from this entire Birchbox.

*Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint- for dewy, glowing skin
The sample is tiny so I am not sure how much use I will get out of it before it is all gone, but it is award winning so I am looking forward to it.

*Nail File
It's neon pink and in the shape of a heart, which is adorable, but there is nothing I hate more than filing my nails, so this might become a birthday gift for my roommate...

So the consensus on this month is mostly positive. I love the mix of things I can use everyday like the sponge and exfoliant, but also something I can tuck away for special occasions like the eye liner strips.

I also love hearing about all of my friends who are signing up for Birchbox! I want to hear about your boxes if you received one this month, and if you are still on the waiting list, then just remember...

The best things in life are worth waiting for.

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