Colorful Entertaining

Busy busy busy day. Tonight I am hosting a dinner part in honor of my best friend's birthday and I want to do everything to make it special for her. I will be in the kitchen for a good part of the day (recipes to come tomorrow) but I wanted to leave some of my favorite entertaining shots. I can't promise that anything I put together will be this wonderful, but a girl can dream, and this girl loves to dream about the perfect dinner party.

Even when I was younger I remember reading my mom's book, Lilly Pulitzer Guide to Colorful Entertaining, wishing that I could somehow make my annual birthday pool party look more like the events in that book. Somehow they never quite turned out, but I have realized that it was because Lilly always served champagne spritzers and I served Capri Suns. Maybe now that I am older my parties will resemble Lilly's more.

It starts tonight.

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