Back of my Closet

More than a year ago I bought a dress on sale at J. Crew. It was rust colored, silk, an average shape, and I didn't even try it on. I wore it to a wedding and once I saw the pictures, vowed to never wear it again. The images showed a dreadful color and an even more unflattering shape. So there it went to the back of my closet to hang until I could reason that I had it long enough to get rid of.

(It looked even worse on me than it does on the hanger...)

I truly believed I would never touch this dress again, until one morning, in the midst of a fashion emergency I went into "full desperate mode" and started trying on clothes I despise. Once I put the 'burnt orange disaster' on I immediately remembered why I had been drawn to it in the first place; it was so comfortable for summer and I was now determind to figure out a way to make this dress wearable.

I put this lace cropped top on over the dress and loved it! All i needed to do was cover the parts of the dress that were awful (in this case, the whole top portion) and I had transformed the dress into something great; a fun, breezy, summer outfit.


Once I had cracked the code, the possibilities were endless. Now I feel like I put this dress on every week with new additions and accessories; my favorite combo being my jean vest (that I couldn't live without) thrifted navajo belt, and short cowboy booties.

So before you sell all those clothes to Daisy Exchange, go through your stuff one more time and try them with new things and I swear you will find something you love that you never imagined. 

Until next time.
Disaster turned dream dress.

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