Beauty School {August Birchbox}

It is early on Monday night and I am already curled up in bed with my laptop and my sleepy time tea. 
 I am also decked out in bright red lipstick and wearing perfume; I have never felt more like Grace Kelly in every movie that she went to bed in full makeup...

This can only mean one thing-- It is Birchbox day and I have tried out every beauty sample that I received so that I could carefully review them for you all. 

This month's Birchbox was "back to school" themed which brought back the best memories of shopping at the Gap for that perfect pair of Gellies and overalls to wear on the first days of elementary school (because I think I wore this stellar combo every year).

{Beauty Fixation- Lipstick Touch Up}
Lipstick not included in Birchbox- it was a birthday gift from my mom!

This fancy q-tip is filled with serum that helps perfect those lipstick lines and get rid of any unwanted color around your lips.
While it seems like a great concept, the serum ended up all over my chin and I had to use a tissue to fix it, which I could have just used to fix my lipstick lines.
I will definitely use them because they were free but not a necessary object in my makeup bag.

{GLOSS Moderne- High Gloss Masque}
{Sumita- Brow Base}

When I hear the word "gloss" I automatically think of something shiny to put on my lips. So when the first thing I pulled out of my Birchbox was a little white tub of "gloss" I just naturally swiped some on my lips. It was so moisturizing and the scent was great-- until it started to burn a little, and then a lot.
This is when I started frantically searching for lip balm and the booklet that tells me what exactly I got in my Birchbox...
Oh there is gloss for your hair too? Oops... and ouch.

Now that the product is correctly being used, my hair looks a little shinier and smoother after just one use. It's incredible what can happen when you use something the way it was intended to be used.

The brow base is a wax concealer that keeps all those pesky eyebrow hairs in place throughout the day.
It doesn't leave any color, just a waxy hold which is great unless you were blessed with perfect eyebrows.
And if you were then you probably have perfect hair too and you don't deserve a Birchbox. 

{Schick- Hydro Silk Razor}

As if Birchbox needed to remind me yet again that it is the greatest thing on earth-- they sent me a razor!
This just saved me $10 and a trip to the drug store and I couldn't be happier.
Apparently this razor is great, but they could have sent me a $.05 disposable one and I would have been just as happy.

I also was sent a sample of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume, but honestly I am getting a little tired of a perfume sample in every box. They all give me headaches and I am a creature of habit who is faithful to Marc Jacobs Daisy and Bond No. 9.

Does anyone still need convincing that Birchbox is the greatest gift sent to woman since Nutella and Spanx?

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