Black Cherry Crisp

Sundays are easily my favorite days recently, seeing as they are the only days this summer that I didn't have to work. I loved my jobs but there is nothing like waking up in the morning knowing that you have nothing to do, except make it to brunch.

This past Sunday I spent the whole day with my parents, which was as necessary as the nine hours of sleep I had gotten the night before. I took advantage of being at home with them used the opportunity to help out my mom in the kitchen. She had originally found this recipe but I convinced her to let me make it, which is never difficult since she is usually happy to leave all baking to me and my little sister.

This sweet black cherry crisp came from one of the master bakers herself, Miss Paula Deen. My mom was surprised by how little flour, sugar, and butter went into this recipe knowing that it came from Paula, but we trust her when it comes to dessert and we went ahead with the recipe.

I halved the recipe but ended up throwing in an extra cup of cherries because I personally like a little extra fruit in my cobblers and crisps.

Along with adding the extra cherries, I would keep the quantity for the crust the same as the recipe but still use a smaller pan (I used an 8x8). The overall consensus with my parents was that there wasn't enough crisp.

So if you just follow the recipe, but half everything, but add an extra cup of cherries, and keep the crisp amounts the same, maybe add a teaspoon of cinnamon, and use a smaller pan, you might just have a perfect end-of-summer dessert.
Too confusing? You can do it!

Only a few more days until Sunday.

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