All I Wanna Do

... is wear these outfits all the time. 
There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that I love more than a flowy blouse with jeans. Throw on a pair of super pointy stilettos and some accessories and I think that I could go anywhere and be dressed to impress. 

Fall Uniform

Reed Krakoff Watch - Cynthia Vincent

Today in particular I am wearing my favorite, new blouse that I have been coveting since I saw it at apparel market back in June. The moment I saw it hanging in the showroom with its sweet, delicate gold stars I hoped that one day it would be mine. Today I am pairing it with my bargain buy pants in lavender, some jeweled neck candy from J. Crew, and my most comfortable flats for walking around all day. So the flats aren't quite the 4-inch stilettos that I just showed but heels are also completely inappropriate for a day in a 5th grade classroom.
Maybe I will slip on some heels this evening and plop down on my couch for some glamorous blogging time.

A little inspiration.

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