Take Care

Something about the last two weeks has had me in a fight against the hours in the day. There was never an outrageous amount going on in my life and yet I felt like everyday I would race against time and fall asleep feeling like I had accomplished nothing. I also found myself in a war against the things I "need to do" and the things I "wanted to do". I, without fail, picked the things I wanted to do and then found myself sleeping on my couch because my own bed was too messy to sleep in (#1 on my "Need to Do" List: clean room). Don't worry, all of those things have been moved to their rightful homes, the floor, and I have taken over my bed again. 

When this past week was coming to an end, I found myself needing some alone time to take care of all things I had been neglecting for over a week. I found this list of 55 Ways to Take Care of Yourself when you are "busy, busy, busy". It was exactly what I needed to take me into the weekend and yet another week of lots going on. 

To "take care" of myself this weekend and remove some stress I turned off my phone a few hours before I went to bed an didn't turn it back on until lunch the next day. I also lit one of my favorite candles, listened to John Mayer, and took a long shower. This week I am not going to be afraid to say "no" to people and things, and I vow to blog a lot, because it somehow gives structure to my life and gives me something to look forward to.
Don't forget about you.

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