BEBE Calligraphy Workshop

Ever since I began working at a stationary shop I have wanted to learn calligraphy. When the chance to  take a Blue Eye Brown Eye calligraphy class in Oklahoma came about, my sister and I both jumped at the chance to be a part of it. 

 I was swooning the second I walked in to Chirps & Cheers (one of my favorite places!) for the class this past Saturday. Our personalized stations, the snacks, and decor could not have been more perfect. Not to mention that our teacher (Lauren) was the sweetest! As someone who has had to teach hand-writing in the past, I admired her patience while instructing the room full of beginners. 

My first attempts were rough but the art of holding the pen plus applying pressure at the right places got easier as time went on. I have been practicing every day since and am hoping that one day my calligraphy will look even half as good as Lauren's. 

One more reason to write handwritten notes!

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  1. Oh I am dying to learn how to do this as well! One day soon- hopefully!! :)


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