The first of many

I think I have been avoiding making a blog for so long because this first post scares me to pieces. What does this introductory post say about me and my blog? So rather than clouding this first post with rambling words, I will introduce my thoughts through pictures. A picture is worth one thousand words, and I have many.  

Because everyone needs someone to stand by them and inspire them.

Here are the women that inspire me daily with their blogs. I am going to try to be original but these girls are too lovely not to steal from every once and awhile. 

Jane from Sea of Shoes
My first blog obsession.
Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere whose blog is sometimes the only reason I get out of bed in the morning.
Her mix between fashion, decor, and food is too perfect for my life.

Sydney from The Daybook who I recently discovered. She has the best hair and embraces awkwardness daily.

Until next time.
Until tomorrow.

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  1. blog again! i've been anxiously awaiting another post!


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