Stolen from Walking Around- Where the Sidewalk Begins

As the continued threats of a massive snow storm come in, I have continued to put off my homework for this week in the hopes that there will be no school on Tuesday through Friday. Rather I have been thinking about all of the things that I will get to do instead of sitting in three hour classes, like watching some of my favorite movies for the hundredth time.

Hopefully the food in the kitchen will last us through the storm and my roommates don't get sick of me as we will all be stuck in the same house for possibly days. Maybe we should prepare by going out and stocking up on our favorites, like trail mix and hot chocolate. At least the snow gives me every excuse to wear my favorite wool socks all day and recreate these perfect cold-weather outfits. 

Emily Weiss, editor of Into the Gloss

Look by Anthropologie
Until next time.
Praying for snow. 

P.S.  The shellac is FINALLY off my nails, so expect more nail tutorials!

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