Belle of the Ball

Every girl dreams of going to a ball and wearing a beautiful gown with fabulous shoes and sparkling diamonds. My personal fantasy continues as I dance the night away with a dapper young man to the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr. and Van Morrison. Tonight I think that my lifelong dream is finally going to come true... and I will be wearing one of these dresses. 

elie saab spring couture 2011 seen here

Okay who am I kidding. My lifelong dream is not going to come true tonight. I am going to a party tonight, a fraternity date party that is. So rather than ball gowns and Harry Winston, I will be wearing a simple but very cute Alice & Trixie dress, with jewels by Forever 21. And rather than swaying to "Summer Wind", it is much more likely that we will be dancing to the classic tunes by Flo Rida, Katy Perry, and Wiz Khalifa (Yes, that's the guy that sings Black and Yellow). 

At some point during the day I did forget that I was just going to a date party and found myself fretting over silly things like lip stain and chandelier earrings v. studs. As my best friend and I were frantically jewelry shopping for tonight, we had to get a grip and remember we were not going to a ball or even prom. It is the curse of having these fantasies about perfect evenings full of dancing and champagne! So here is tonight, a sure to be fun night, complete with a pumpkin magically turned charter bus. 

Until next time.
I'll keep dreaming. 


  1. You're pretty good at this blog thing :) I'm thoroughly entertained.

  2. i adore that last dress!
    i think it'd make a great wedding gown :)


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