Color is my Obsession!

As promised, here is the highly anticipated nail polish collection blog post. Okay maybe I have been the only one highly anticipating this post because I get to show the love of my life, my prized possession, the thing I would save if there was a fire in the house. 

Are you getting excited?

Sneak Peak in the bag.

Weird how it doesn't look like that many from this view. I am a little disappointed.

I love OPIs website that shows all 267 colors that OPI offers right now.
If only my collection could house all of those colors one day.

Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, DS Glow, Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees
Even though I love Essie, these three OPI colors are my favorite right now. I love the hunter green and dark grey, and the bronze glitter looks good on everyone.

As much as I love the colors, I love the names that come with them. Another dream job would be to work for OPI and make up the insanely creative names for their polishes. 
My Daddy's the King
I'm Not Really a Waitress
Tease-y Does It (New Texas Collection!)
I'm Suzi and I'm a Chocoholic 
Who Needs a Prince
A Peony for Your Thoughts-- I admit, I stole the name of my blog from an OPI nail polish, but it only seemed fitting.

I hope you enjoyed the first glimpses of my collection and as it continues to grow I want to continue to photograph it. I'll try to get more creative in the next months, but expect a nail polish blog post at least once a month!

What's ironic about this particular post, is that as I write it I just noticed that I don't have nail polish on my fingers for the first time in months.

Until next time.
Naked nails. 



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