Things I Love

There's not much more that I love than a great love letter. 
Girls that have never received one dream of opening their mailbox one day to see a small white envelope with their name on the front in a familiar (or mysterious) man's scribble. Girls that have had the luck of being written a love letter will treasure it forever and keep it hidden safely in a box under their bed. 
These words that were carefully written out for us mean the world and there is only one thing that might top a beautifully written letter of love words.

Found at Sweetapolita
Love Letter+Cookie

Rosie, from Sweetapolita, has outdone all the contributers of "Love Letters of Great Men Vol. 1" with this confectioners treat. Sir Walter Raleigh and Nathaniel Hawthorne, eat your heart out (literally) These men would have had to step up their game to compete with these cookies that are sure to be as sweet to the taste as they are to the heart.

The two things I love today just became one.
How lovely.

Until next time.
Signed, Sealed, Delivered. 

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