Things I Love

With all of the snow and cancelled school I have had to expand my interests and adopt new hobbies. Knitting. Wow, it started off so hard and terrible and I felt the arthritis building in my hands as I attempted to tackle the task of knitting an infinity scarf.

This is what my room looked like yesterday as my friends and I started our own projects. I realized that even though I love knitting, I will be a failure of a grandmother one day because my knitting skills are lacking. I did learn that I have a new love for the "dying arts" as my friend calls them. Knitting and puzzles. That is what the snow days have done to me.

Other exciting things that I love...

Sephora for OPI is coming out with new nail polish inspired by Glee!
The new colors will debut on the TV show on February 8. Look for the colors like "Slushied, Gleek Out, Miss Bossy Pants, and Express Yourself to Yourself."
Check out all the colors here

Until next time.
I'll be building arthritis. 

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