Strawberry Shortcake

My first recipe blog post!!!
I have been so excited for this post for such a long time but I made myself wait until it got a little bit closer to Valentines Day to share it with all of you. I stumbled across this recipe for Ina Garten's "Strawberry Shortcake, Deconstructed" around this time last year when I was reading my mom's House Beautiful (because all normal college students read House Beautiful regularly... well you do when you have a mom like mine). 
Just call me The Barefoot Contessa. 
This recipe for one of my favorite desserts is especially wonderful and perfect for a Valentine's Date treat for all of you with significant others, especially if your lover isn't the biggest fan of chocolate.

The recipe calls to marinate the strawberries in Grand Marnier for 30 minutes, which I highly recommend, although you can probably get away without the liquor, you'll just be missing out. Ina also serves her strawberries in a martini glass for decorative touch, although my family prefers to throw it all in a bowl with homemade whipped cream and call it a day. 

photo from House Beautiful

Just in case you missed it, the recipe is here

Other things that I love (and forgot to share yesterday on "Things I Love Thursdays")
...it's snowing again, and it looks so beautiful outside
...the fact that all this snow and cabin fever has given me every excuse to say goodbye to my diet for the last 5 days
...Florence + The Machine Drumming Song (I feel a little bit cooler when I listen to this song)

Until next time.
Asking myself WWTBCD?

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  1. what would the barefoot contessa do?


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