DIY Tuesday

Lately I have been coming across so many do-it-yourself projects and they have been motivating me to jump back into making my own jewelry. 
I found this DIY wire ring months ago and it has been sitting in a file on my desktop for that long just begging to be made.

via. Style Hive
Yesterday I discovered another DIY project on one of my daily blog reads, Because I'm Addicted, and cannot wait to recreate this basic hardware store bracelet.

Those are just hex nuts, found at Home Depot!
This bracelet looks so chic when mixed with other fabulous accessories and yet is made out of the simplest of materials.

Unfortunately I can't dive into my DIY projects today, I have to get some school work done, like reading  Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything In It for my children's literature class. Oh the joys of being an Elementary Education major. But this weekend will be reserved for sitting around watching movies and crafting.

In other news, I did purchase the Clinique mascara mentioned in yesterdays post, and I have to report back that it is WONDERFUL! At only $10 a tube, it is completely worth the purchase to have perfect bottom lashes for the first time in my life! Even my best friend who was skeptical of the bottom-lash only mascara tried it on and said, and I quote, "okay maybe I will buy this" as she fluttered her long lashes in our mirror. 

Until next time. 
Crafty crafter.

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