Peace Out

Have you heard? I am going to L.A. today

Remember the white poncho I told you about yesterday? Well here it is posing on my sister's antique mannequin. (Awkward: I don't think mannequin's were made for poncho... just trust me when I say it looks better on)

Another purchase from yesterdays shopping trip. I wish that this picture would show off the incredible purple shade in the beads and I wish that I had gotten the designer's name who makes these! She is out of Amarillo and a sweetheart!

See that gold cuff on top of my clothes? It is shown in the first picture too as a necklace/headband. I think I am going to start referring to it as my magic band because that is what it is. This gold wire can be a headband, necklace, cuff or belt and I have been dreaming about it since before Christmas. Well yesterday I finally got it and I will most likely rock it every single day spent in L.A.

Chapel of Love, Hey Get in Lime!, Rumples Wiggin, and Houston We Have a Purple

You surely didn't think I would go to California without a mess load of nail polishes? On top of the colors I am already wearing (Essie's Playa del Platinum and Pool Boy) I am hoping to steal these OPI's from my sister to alternate the 4 days that I am there. 

Now it is back to the packing adventure. While I am in L.A. you can either expect more updates than usual or none at all. I plan on documenting every adventure while I am there, and might have to take a little blogging break. But expect some real life pictures soon after my arrival home!

Until next time.
Peace out. Life's a Beach. 

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  1. glad i m finding out about this nail polish switch a roo through your blog...nottt


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