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Remember those really late, dinner time blog posts I mentioned last week? Well I hadn't followed through with those yet and a good blogger is nothing if they don't follow through with what they write....
Okay that's just an excuse for my extreme laziness today as I begin my Spring Break. All that I could think  about was not being in school for a whole week (because that has only happened twice already this semester) and warm California weather and fashion. My little trip to L.A. tomorrow calls for flowy blouses and loose sweaters. Lucky for me, those are the things I love the most.
Today I went to one of my favorite stores in my hometown where they were having a trunk show for a designer called 360SWEATER. They pretty much specialize in big, boxy sweaters (which is what my mom describes my closet of being full of) and I LOVE this designer now.
Check it.

I tried on maybe 14 different sweaters and never wanted to take them off. I finally settled on a white poncho-looking sweater that I will probably be sporting on the plane tomorrow. See the whole collection here!

So other than sweaters I really love that my computers desktop has been taken over by photos that I save daily to later blog about. Well i usually forget about them and there are a few that have taken up permanent residence on my screen. Well no longer, it is time that I share them.

So what does ballet, MK Olsen, and this coastal closet have in common? Just that I love them. That's all!

Until next time.
Life's a Beach

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