Things I Love

I am so sorry for the later than usual posting. This whole, getting up early and blogging before the sun even rises, has lost its excitement and I literally cannot drag myself out of bed anymore. So I promise the blog posts will still come every single day, but maybe get more accustomed to reading my updates around dinner time rather than breakfast. Speaking of dinner and breakfast, the thing I love the most today is breakfast for dinner, mmmmm.

Other things I really love.


These are the coolest bangles, designed by Rosena Sammi, and I can't wait to add some of them to my summer wardrobe. I must admit, when my mom first bought hers 7 MONTHS ago (way to be ahead of the trend) I wasn't completely sold on them, but recently I have fallen in love with them. The bright colors and gold accents are so different, and I have a feeling these might replace my trendy beaded bracelets for this season. 

Until next time.
Early bird no more. 

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