The Style Icons

Today I am personally channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

No, it is not raining and Fred (aka Paul Varjack) is not there to kiss me as I search for my cat named Cat, but I am wearing the trenchcoat purchased at J. Crew last week. This morning's weather was too perfect for the new coat and I hummed Audrey's signature song from the film, Moon River, as I walked to class today (which is not near as exciting as humming it on a New York apartment's fire escape).

Speaking on style icons, From Me To You (a newly discovered blog) features daily outfits inspired by some of the most lovely ladies of all time.

Grace, Audrey, Jackie, and Katharine...If I could send you all thank you notes for your fashion inspiration, I would. Swoon.

Until next time.
Browsing the windows at Tiffany's.

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