West Side/Best Side

Well the trip to Los Angeles was wonderful. The perfect mix between fun and relaxation. 

Clothes rack at What Goes Around Comes Around
View from the rooftop. I spy the HOLLYWOOD sign.

Literally from the moment I stepped off the plane in Burbank I was taken all over the city by my personal L.A. tour guide who doubles as my best friend. I would say that the major points on our tour was any kind of food. I swear I have never eaten so much. Burgers at Umami and Stout, eggs benedict at Dusty's, individually brewed coffee at Intelligensia, the best sushi of my life at Sugarfish, and my new obsession with Mediterranean food at Spitz. 

The incredible architecture of the Getty Center.
Degas sculptures.
The gardens at the Getty.

Next to the food, my first trip to the Getty Center was the best part of my trip. Four hours of browsing the galleries, exploring the gardens, and taking in the views of L.A. from the balconies was pure bliss.
On top of everything, I was able to see some of my favorite Degas pieces that I have loved since I was little. They literally took my breath away and I even allowed myself to be a tacky tourist and take a picture of some of his famous sculptures.

Pool on the roof of The Standard Hotel.
City of Hope Fashion Show.

Until next time.
It's not what you do, but who you are with.

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