Nutella Cookies

I love being home and having a kitchen to cook tasty treats in. Since I have been home my parents and I have whipped up some delicious shrimp kabobs and crab cakes (seafood kick?) and I have been all over the internet looking for more recipes to conquer in the few days that I am home.

Presenting: Nutella Cookies
In the last two weeks I have become a big fan of this chocolatey-hazelnut delight and finding a recipe for cookies was like hitting the Powerball jackpot. Ca-ching. 

Hello lover.
Did I mention that this recipe only has four ingredients and takes about 15 minutes TOTAL to prepare, bake and have these bad boys in your mouth?

So it was about this time that I realized I didn't have the full cup of Nutella that the recipe called for... I never check the ingredients before I start. So I decide to just kind of wing it which was pretty easy until I got to the whole egg. 

My mom has always told me that you cannot half eggs no matter how sensible it sounds in my head. Well, my mom wasn't home tonight so I thought it would be okay...fail. I successfully halved the egg, using a knife and a spoon but soon learned that the whole egg is necessary to create the perfect substance. Dagnabbit, mom was right again. 

I went ahead with the recipe and still formed the cookies like the recipe stated. They started smelling delicious about a minute into their bake time. The recipe says to bake for 7-8 minutes and I would highly recommend 7 minutes to achieve a warm, gooey, Nutella center. 

So even thought the halving of the egg wasn't my brightest idea, the taste of these cookies was still great... the substance, a little funky. So i plan on trying these out again when I have ALL of the ingredients, but if you have a jar of Nutella hanging around in your pantry then you should try them out right now!

Here is the recipe!

Until next time.
Always listen to your mom.

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