Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

I was looking for the perfect recipe for soft, chocolate chip cookies and thought I had hit the jackpot when I found a recipe for chocolate chip pudding cookies. The secret to these is adding a packet of vanilla instant pudding mix.
I was making these bad boys and just assumed that the pudding was supposed to be made... No, not at all. By making the pudding with the two cups of milk you end up with chocolate chip cookie pancakes. Interesting consistency that's for sure, but definitely not what I was going for.
I am sure the trash can enjoyed them though.

The recipe was sneaky and crafty because the dough was so good, maybe some of the best chocolate chip cookie dough I have ever had. It's like the dough was screaming, "no, don't make the cookies, they are going to be terrible, EAT ME instead!"

Take 2.
I was determined to master these cookies so I tried again the very next day and had much better luck when I added the pudding mix rather than actual pudding. This recipe really does make incredibly soft and delicious chocolate chip cookies! And you can never have enough recipes for chocolate chip cookies.

Until next time.
Cookie crisis turned cookie creation.

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