27 Dresses

Last Saturday began my official season of weddings. This spring and summer are jam-packed full of friends' weddings and personally, I could not be more excited that I am at the age where my close friends are getting engaged and married. It doesn't freak me out or make me feel lonely at all...

Regardless, I have been in full wedding mode since Saturday and I got to spend most of yesterday conversing with one of my best friends about her own wedding that I am honored to be a part of. But as a bridesmaid you do hope that your loving friend and bride-to-be picks out a dress that 
1. Doesn't emphasize your wider assets 
2. Doesn't resemble the color of baby food
3. You can wear again

We have all seen the wedding-horror classic, 27 dresses, and the bridesmaid dress montage that displays some of the most hideous dresses to ever walk this earth. Here's hoping that one day I am not Katherine Heigl in that movie... but if I do have the privilege of being in over 20 weddings I might start requesting that my bridesmaid dresses come from the lovely BHLDN.

What a wonderful thing they have done and illustrated the ways to go from the big day and after too. 

Until next time.
Merry maid.

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