In a Maze of Trays

There is nothing that irks my father more than when my mom buys what he considers pointless things for our house. One day upon returning from work he noticed a few new decorative trays in our living room and kitchen and wasn't particularly excited about the additions to the decor. 
This is when he says, what is today the best quote I have ever heard...
"I don't mind when you girls spend money on clothes, it's this crap I don't like that I hate you buying"

Did he just say that he doesn't mind us spending money on clothes? 
Best. Quote. Ever.
And I will continue to remind him of his own words every day.

But back to the whole point of this post.
My mother is obsessed with these decorative trays, John Derian to be exact, and has passed this love on to me and my sisters. I am now a little obsessed with these fun trays that seem completely pointless to my dad, but really they are quite useful. For example, they can hold jewelry, keys, seashells, candies, snacks,  or OKC Thunder playoff tickets (that's for you dad).

from left to right
Flamestitch Long Tray by Furbish Studios
Souls Tray by Ben Garden
Queen of the Prairie by John Derian
Tin Heart by John Derian
Poppy by John Derian
Spotted Coasters by Furbish Studios
Rose Bouquet Tray by Ben Garden
My Only Regrets Tray by Ben Garden

Until next time.
Trays are my new phase.

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