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Why does it feel like I haven't posted in months? Probably because I illegally took a 3 day break from blogging when I had homework and projects and errands piled up to my ears. The break was much needed and I feel refreshed and so ready to start pouring out my thoughts again. The only problem is that this week probably holds more homework and projects than last week did! I am trying very hard to prioritize my life and be productive in every way and that includes blogging Monday-Friday and I am making a promise right here that I will. So maybe one day all you will get is a lousy picture but hey it's something!

Something that I have been very excited to share is something my older sister shared with me first. She has recently been sending me recommendations of things that I would like but might not know about yet. For example, the show Dance Scene which I hadn't had a chance to watch yet. Love it.

Other than introducing me to TV shows that I am now obsessed with, she also told me about Birch Box. Birch Box is a company that after creating a membership will send you different "hand-picked" makeup and other beauty samples each month. If you are like me then you a). have certain types of makeup that you love and have always loved (Bobbi Brown and Beauti Control) and are too afraid to branch out in fear of your face melting off at the first touch of other make-up or b). always run out of mascara on days when you really need it so you end up buying whatever is cheapest at Walgreens

I am without a doubt both of these and sometimes feel like there is so much out there in the beauty world that I am being deprived of! That is why I am so excited about Birch Box, because experts will sending me  products by some of the greats, like Laura Mercier, NARS, Benefit and Deborah Lippman. Swoon.

via. Polish and Pearls
A fellow blogger who loves Birch Box. This is one of her actual boxes! I spy nail polish
I can't wait until I have a permanent address so I can start receiving my samples!

Until next time.
I just remembered I'm out of mascara. 

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