Stripes and Spots

Have I mentioned yet how excited I am to move into my new house?
I'm sure I have. All I think about these days, other than fashion and food, is decorating ideas for my sweet little house, my bedroom in particular.
All inspiration came from a turquoise and red floral painting that my mom and I found that we planned to hang above my bed, then tying in all other colors with pillows, curtains, and of course my favorite red chair. So what a surprise to us when we went to look at my house for measurements when we remembered that EVERY wall in my bedroom is slanted. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Which means that nothing at all will be hanging on my walls, not my floral painting, the giant inspiration/bulletin board, or the framed cards I bought months ago.

Plan B.

via. Coco & Kelley

via. Oh Joy!
We are going to have to paint. There is really no other option. As much as I love the all white, clean and crisp feel of a bedroom, I was so looking forward to this room feeling very homey and that includes color and lots of it.
I see a summer paint project in my near future (well that is if my landlord allows it).

Until next time.
Feeling dotty.

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