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This weekend I made a promise to myself that I would put a lot of effort and focus into my blog this week. I feel like with school and everything else going on my blog has sometimes been pushed to the side. So all last night I was brainstorming ideas for this week and fun ideas and things to share with all of you and came up with pretty much nothing...
But the great thing is that some of my greatest ideas come the morning of a post and formulate within minutes, I work well under pressure, it's a great thing and also leads to high amounts of procrastination.

Well this morning I was apart of a beautiful conversation on the emphasis of material things and "wanting" and the dangers of that in our culture. The conversation ended on each person making lists of all the greatest things in life that are free and I have to admit that this list is probably the best thing that is going to happen to me all week.
So yes, this is still a blog devoted to fashion, nail polish, food, design, and other wonderful and sweet things about life but I want to take today to detour from my normal blog format and share my favorite things that remind me of the most important things in life.

Picture via The Glamourai

Your favorite part of a song
A lightning storm
Being told that you made someone’s day
A really good hug
Finishing a good book
Watching Disney movies
Driving at night
Getting snail mail
The other side of the pillow
Rereading old wall posts
Being with your whole family
Thunderstorms at night
Skipping class
Old pictures
Getting a job you didn’t apply for!
Random text messages
Frolicking through grass
Laughing ‘til your abs hurt
Porch time
Watching good sports
Days when you don’t have to set an alarm
Accomplishing something before the microwave beeps
When your turn signal clicks with the beat of the music
Perfectly separating an Oreo
Compliments when you look like a mess
Taking a perfect picture
When people enjoy the food you make
Hot towels fresh out of the dryer

Until next time.
This is going to be a wonderful day.

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