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I love blogs because they introduce me to websites, other blogs, tumblrs, music, food, and fashion designers I would have otherwise never known about. My blog roll has doubled since I started this blog and it takes a good hour out of my day to fully read all the blogs I love to follow. So what if that means putting off homework, sleeping, and eating... okay I have obviously never gone without eating! Who do you think I am?

Two fashion websites I have discovered lately are Steven Alan and Calypso St. Barth and even though most of their pieces are out of my price range for daily life, it doesn't mean I can't look and dream about the beach.

Steven Alan
Daisy Top
Mina Stone Metrope Dress
Geren Ford Box Pleat Gown
Bodkin Santa Ana Shorts

Calypso St. Barth
Printed Tulip Dress
Madras Ikat Top
Tiered Eyelet Dress
I could browse these websites all day long.
Speaking of, if you are in the mood to meet some of my recent blog and website crushes... (can you have a crush on a website? wrong? too late, I said it and I mean it)

Taste Spotting- a community driven visual potluck
Reasons to Breathe- latest picture of Peonies and Coffee, I think that picture was taken for me
Inside the Loop- daily doses of happy

Until next time.
P.S. I love you

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