Things I Love

It is officially less than one month away but I think my mind is already there. Rather than scheduling study groups my friends plan sunbathing sessions and sundress shopping trips.

Strawberry Suede by Revlon- the best summer Coral
Cream Crochet Dress

I love summer and everything it entails because it means dresses and flip flops, warm weather walks, and never having to straighten your hair because mermaid hair is the summer trend.

Yellow Dress
Trophy Wife- my newest addition to the collection
I love summer because it means living in my own house and decorating it to perfection all summer with my roommates. Summer means floating the river, summer playlists, Arnold Palmers, and possibly a new pair of Ray Ban wayfarers.

If you aren't quite excited enough for summer yet then I highly recommend browsing through Anthropologie's bathing suits. One glance at their one-pieces, bikinis, and high waisted suits will have you singing the Beach Boys in no time.

Until next time.
Summer Girl

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