Things I Love

This will be, without a doubt, my favorite "Things I Love" post because, without a doubt, the thing I am about to tell you about is the love of my life.

My new house that I share with my two best friends.
And the fourth member of our little group comes to visit whenever she can, so really I share it with my 3 best friends, the more the merrier!
The living room
Three kate spade prints for three kate spade loving girls.

Allow me to lead you into the kitchen.
Recognize those Kiss Cookies?

And a few pictures from my room.
My bed isn't quite perfect yet and I'm lacking wall decor and curtains, but I wanted to share my favorite part so far.

My original closet was a little small and hard to maneuver so I opted for a clothes rack in my room.
"I like my money hanging where I can see it. In my closet room."- Carrie Bradshaw

I could not be more obsessed with the new house.

No house is really a home until you have a Volcano candle, because who doesn't want their house smelling like an Anthropologie? Let me rephrase that, who doesn't wish that they lived in an Anthropologie?

Until next time.
Hello. I live here : )


  1. Seriously, your house looks more like home in one week than my apartment looks after nine months. Come decorate!! Super cute...I'd expect nothing less!

  2. looks beautiful miss kathy!! i love you and missss you!! come to dallas for a shopping trip!!


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