As promised, here is my first (but not the last) non-sweet recipe!
The bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion+ a fried egg on top sandwich.

I actually had enough time on Wednesday to make a real lunch rather than a Lean Cuisine and I had been seeing all over the blogs about a fancy BLT. I already love BLT's but I also like a lot of ingredients on my sandwiches (never been much of a ham and cheese kind of gal) so I decided to work up my own recipe for this classic sandwich. 

Start with all your standard BLT ingredients and begin by frying your bacon (1-2 pieces) on medium heat until it reaches your desired crispiness. Take the bacon out and let it sit on a plate with paper towels so that some of the grease can absorb. 

I had a couple slices of onion and at the last minute I thought it would be a good idea to cook them too, so I just threw them in the remaining bacon grease. Great for my sandwich, I'm sure terrible for my internal organs. After the onions cooked and softened a little I took those out and put them with the bacon to de-grease.

Before you put your egg in the frying pan, put your bread (whatever kind you wish to use!) in the toaster  so the bread will be ready when the egg is. 
In a different pan (one without grease!) put a small bit of butter and let it melt all over the pan before carefully cracking your egg straight into the pan. I like my egg VERY runny so I don't let it cook too long, just until it begins to slightly brown on the underside and then I flip it to quickly cook on the other side as well (less than a minute).

Before the egg is done, have all your other ingredients ready to go so you can slide your egg on the toast, pile on the bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado and finish with a little salt, pepper, and Louisiana hot sauce, if you know what's good for you.

Before you dig in, cut into that egg so that the yoke can spread out over the sandwich.

Oh baby.

Until next time.
Saying goodbye to sweets.

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