Good Morning Beautiful

Most of our sweet, little home is finished, with paintings on the wall and pictures in the frames.
Then there is my room... which is about 85% completed. And by that I mean that one panel of drapes is hung and I nailed a few frames to my wall today. So I guess that makes it about 89% finished. 

One major area of concern is my bed, which really is the most important thing within a bedroom and yet mine is still lacking.
But these bedrooms... swoon.

Photos via Fabulous KBright, Bold, Beautiful.
It's probably a good thing my room doesn't look like these or I would never leave.

From these pictures I have come to the conclusion that I need some great art and a bench for the end of my bed. Oh and maybe some natural light which I cannot seem to find in my bedroom.

Until next time.
Is it bedtime yet?

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