Bright Side of the Road

This week has been terrible and it is only Wednesday morning. Isn't this supposed to be a fun-filled summer with lake trips, popsicles, and bright nail polishes? Well as of lately only one of those has been occurring and that is the nail polish, which seems to be the only thing to liven up my mood amidst piles of homework. I just look down at my nails and see Sag Harbor (Essie) and a small portion of happiness fills my soul. Oh that and the leftover apple crisp I ate for dessert after a wonderful spinach and strawberry salad. 

Something else I discovered today that automatically turns my mood right around is browsing Matchbook Mag for the hundredth time to fill my life with some summery, classy goodness. 

Some other lovely things to brighten up any day.

Until next time.
Please share your happy things with me.

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