D.C. Happenings

It has been a great five days in the nations capital and I must say that it has been so much fun, but my body is feeling it. I was not anticipating all the walking that we would be doing and now I am wishing that I had packed more shoes that were acceptable for walking 5+ miles a day all over one of my favorite cities in America. 

View from the War World II Memorial

Dressing room shot in Secondi, the only consignment shop I have ever been in that doesn't smell like a consignment shop. We're talking Missoni and Diane von Furstenberg dresses, Tory Burch and Theory blouses, and plenty of J. Crew.

A sweet birthday party at a park on our walk back to our hotel after a day in Georgetown. 

The pool at our hotel was the coolest pool I have ever seen. Set on the second floor, in between apartment buildings covered in ivy. Not a lot of sun could reach us in the late afternoon but it made for a perfect place to read a book (currently reading The Hunger Games).

Little sis at our favorite book store, that also happens to be our favorite breakfast spot, that also happens to be my favorite place to catch up with a girlfriend at night. I am going to miss Kramer Books.

This whole vacation I have been thinking two things,
1. I am so proud to be an American
2. Why did Mary-Kate and Ashley never make a movie in D.C.? They could have traveled all over the different neighborhoods, finding the cutest boys, and ultimately ended up in the air ducts at the Capitol. I smell a hit! My little sister and I did get mistaken for twins so really we should have just made our own movie since MK&A are kind of out of their "we'll solve any crime by dinner time" stage of life. 

Until next time. 
I am the cute one, she's just my sister.

P.S. so many more D.C. pictures to come!

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