Street Style

From our first moments in D.C. I knew that this vacation was going to provide me with blogging material for at least a week. If I included all the recipes I am going to try to recreate then I could keep these D.C. posts going to two to three weeks.

As we walked to dinner the first night I couldn't help but notice the great style that I kept passing on the streets. (Almost) everyone looked polished, classy, and yet up to date on current styles. I was thoroughly impressed, especially after learning that D.C. did not rank on GQ's 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America (neither did any city in my state, but Brooklyn and Manhattan came in at #11 and #5 respectfully, sorry big sis...) and started basing my outfits off things I had seen on the streets. I even tried to sneakily snap some iPhone shots on the street of innocent passerby's but an old (unfashionable) man would undoubtably step in front of my lens at the last minute everytime. No thank you, your suit with sweat stains is not "too sweet to be shared" but thank you for trying.  
My one semi-valid attempt at a street shot.
Just imagine a great lace top, cut-off jean shorts, Longchamp bag, iced coffee.
D. C. chic.
So while we are waiting for my actual D.C. style post (I just got off the airplane, give me time) pictures of my fashionable sisters will have to do. Our outfit choices were determined solely by the humidity and the distance we were walking to dinner that night. The joy of us all being in the same zip code is sharing clothes again. 

Until next time. 
Happy to be in one of the NOT "40 worst-dressed" city that I call home. 

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