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It's about that time of year again when the whole family takes a vacation solely to eat good food in other cities. This summer we are going to Washington D.C. and I could not be more excited. Not only for the incredible restaurants I know my dad has made reservations at after many hours of  researching and countless recommendations but also because I feel like D.C. is one of the only places on earth I will allow myself to be a tacky tourist and take a million pictures. I can't wait to visit the museums, monuments and of course the shopping.

Well rather than going through my own closet (aka clothes rack) and pulling things to put in my suitcase, I decided it would be so much more fun to pack a virtual suitcase on Anthropologie's website. Because who wouldn't want to fantasize about wearing clothes in the nations capital that they don't actually own. 

For the first, long day of bus tours. Planning on hopping off and starting our own tour whenever we feel necessary or get tired of the tour guides terrible jokes.

Monument tour day! Some of my choices. Keeping it classy in red and white. Patriotic but not too much. Or is it too much?

Dinner outfit. My dad actually mentioned to my mom and I that we probably could wear the same outfit to dinner a couple of nights... Dad... I am sorry for laughing loudly in your face. 

As excited as I am about seeing all the sights I just really want to go spend as much time walking around and exploring Georgetown. And I guess maybe if we have time and randomly feel like stopping at Georgetown Cupcake we might, possibly... 
Please, it is the main reason we are making this trip.

Dinner again. Rocking a looser dress tonight because we went to Georgetown Cupcakes and when you fly halfway across the country for a cupcake you don't just get one.

Until next time.
My virtual suitcase is Louis Vuitton


  1. thank you for packing my bags. modeling my wardrobe off of these posts!

  2. you are just so cute. come buy all that stuff through me :)


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