Even in the summer I feel like I get the case of the Mondays. This day has just developed a negative connotation and I cannot seem to shake it. Especially after weekends like the one I just had. 
A wonderful combination of girl time, family time, an early high school reunion, more girl time, and new friendships, plus a little bit of wedding cake and a lot of dancing on Saturday night. Why do these weekends have to end and a whole new week start again?

I have recently learned that my blog has become a source of much-needed distraction for some people that unfortunately have to be at a desk all day (whether that be for school or work). That is such a beautiful compliment to me and I want to provide as much distraction as possible today.
Enjoy these lovely links 

I cannot get enough of Elie Saab. How does this man take a single dress and make normal girls into princesses?
Could this be my Dream Man?
DIY Lace shorts
Smoothie Guide
How To: Nautical Nails
Cannot stop listening to this song
Just read this girl's blog. She is part of my inspiration and an absolute sweetheart

Until next time
I'll keep distracting

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