How-To Hair

After posting pictures from my trip to D.C. I had many requests for a demonstration on how to recreate my sisters hair style that she rocked every single day.
So here it is, my first how-to, featuring the little sis who everyone believes to be my twin these days.

1. You will need a brush, comb, clip, lots of bobby pins, three small, clear rubber bands, and hairspray.
2. Part your hair down the middle of the back of your head and divide into two equal parts, clip one side away. Braid a section right down the back of your head and secure with a small, clear rubber band. Repeat on the other side.
3. Twist each braid in towards the center of your head, forming small buns and heavily secure with bobby pins.

4. Place another clear rubber band around both buns, pulling them towards each other and securing the whole style.
5. Pull out some whispy hairs around your face so that the style doesn't look to stiff. Use hairspray to lock in your new do!
6. Finished product! Cute, keeps hair off your neck in this hot weather, and is promised to receive lots of compliments!

Ain't she cute?

Until next time.
Modern day Heidi.

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