Things I Love

I love Back to School Parties.
Even though school doesn't start for another month, I attended a party this week to celebrate the fun things that going back to school means, mainly new school supplies.
As a child I could not wait to go to school on enrollment day, find out my teacher, and get my list of necessary school supplies. I loved walking the aisles of Target picking out colorful (Lisa Frank) folders, Elmers glue, Trapper Keepers, pencil bags, and of course Crayons. The amount of Crayons that a teacher requires says a lot about the year to come...
Eight-count crayon pack= boring and strict
24-count crayon pack= so much fun!

As a teacher I will naturally require the 64-pack with sharpener.

Just a few snaps taken within the store, Chirps and Cheers, who hosted this party. 
I constantly find myself just walking around the store, reading all the greeting cards and trying to convince myself if I buy organizational devices then I will perhaps be organized...

A chalkboard canvas sheet. How fun would this be to have in a house and allow all your friends to doodle on a giant sheet with chalk every time they came over?

Maybe the main reason people are drawn to this sweet store is the even sweeter workers/owner who make shopping so enjoyable and who never make me feel silly for loitering around the store for an hour and then walking out with only decorative masking tape.

Until next time.
Looking forward to school, fall, and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog via Chirps & Cheer's twitter feed. Too cute! I'm always so happy to find other OKC bloggers!

    -Rachel Shingleton


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